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Hongkong Xinyuan Xin Co. Ltd.
Tel: 020-34134237
Tel: 020-34134037
Fax: 020+34134537
Postal Code: 510000
Q Q:313223003
Email:[email protected]
Network access: www.keyijin.com
About the "XinYuanXin"
Hong Kong's new source Xin Accessories Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production and supply of hot drilling with diamond professional company company committed to the development and diamond drilling hot market research and development, after years of business development has formed a technical development, quality assurance, market research, product sales and other aspects of talent and technology portfolio in the professional ranks. Globally oriented company based in Guangzhou, engaged in "a new source Xin" trademark-based hot drilling and diamond two businesses; in good faith for the purpose, and stronger professional, bigger market for the target; series has established multiple worldwide distribution points; establish a good strategic partnership with agents around!
About "product line."
The company's main products: hot drilling series, diamond series, Pai drilling campaign, rhinestones related products, agents Czech, DMC, Austria drilling, NICE and other products!